Stump Grinding and Hedge Cutting in Cobham from Qualified Tree Surgeons

Many previous customers in Cobham, which is one of our key service areas, have come to us with an understandably limited view of tree surgery. When they think of tree surgeons, they only think of check-jacketed lumberjack types felling trees with chainsaws. The reality is that we provide a complete range of tree surgery and landscaping services throughout Cobham and Surrey, and the two we focus on here are stump grinding and tree surgery.


While we’re always available for the type of felling work you may have seen on television or at the cinema, the tree surgeons at Roots & Shoots are also here to provide the tree surgery and landscaping solutions to make your land or property safe and aesthetically pleasing.


Customer satisfaction matters to us, and the comments of previous customers in the Cobham area can be viewed at your leisure through our dedicated testimonials page.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding services are most often used in the wake of tree felling work, although we are sometimes called out to remove stumps when the rest of the tree has fallen in a storm or has rotted as a result of decay. Innovative stump grinding machinery is used by our tree surgeons to rid land of the trunk remnants and the roots. This is a highly advanced tree surgery practice, and our Cobham clients choose this service for a number of reasons:


  • To remove a stump as a tripping hazard
  • To make their land look more visually appealing
  • To pave the way for future development and landscaping work
  • To stop the spread of disease to other trees


Tree surgeons use stump grinding equipment to reduce the trunk to sub-floor level and this is usually sufficient to start killing off the root structure. Sometimes, a treatment may be used to catalyse decomposition. Stump grinding leaves a mulch which can be removed by our tree surgeons or it can be left at your Cobham property for use as a weed suppressant.

Hedge Cutting

Landscaping services are provided to support our tree surgery work, and hedge cutting is something of a crossover that many tree surgeons and landscapers in the Cobham area claim to specialise in. While we have no doubts over the credibility of our competitors, we advise our customers that tree surgery knowledge is very important when hedge cutting work is being considered. There are a number of reasons for this:


  • Different hedge species require different working procedures
  • Some hedges need to be cut more frequently than others
  • In the same vein, some hedges require less frequent cutting
  • Attention must be paid to bird nesting seasons


When our tree surgeons and landscapers undertake hedge cutting work in Cobham, strict attention is applied to ensure the species is properly cared for and local wildlife and the habitat they live in stay preserved. Roots & Shoots is an ethical, forward-thinking tree surgery company taking environmental obligations seriously in all aspects of our work.

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