Reputable Tree Surgeons in Epsom

If you’re a property, site or landowner in the Epsom area and are looking for experienced tree surgeons and landscapers, it’s only natural that you’d want to use a reliable, affordable and reputable company. We believe Roots and Shoots match these criteria. We provide high-standard tree surgery, hedge cutting, landscaping and stump grinding services built around your requirements. Our company is handily located in Guildford.


Experience, coupled with fully qualified workmanship, ensures domestic and commercial customers in Epsom receive high standard, value-for-money tree surgery and landscaping services. We take immense pride in undertaking tree felling, formative pruning, hedge cutting and stump grinding to a level very few tree surgeons and landscapers can match.


Thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations, our tree surgeons and landscapers get to meet many new customers in Epsom and the surrounding areas each year. We also have a large percentage of regular customers who use our maintenance and hedge cutting services on a periodic or seasonal basis dependant on the species we are working with.


Emergency Tree Surgery in Epsom


Roots and Shoots also provide emergency tree surgery services if extreme weather and high winds have put your Epsom property at risk. It’s not uncommon for hanging branches to hover perilously close to buildings or outhouses after a storm. Tree surgeons can quickly undertake the necessary tree surgery work to disable dangerous branches, and to eliminate any potential for damage at your Epsom home or workplace.


If you have a tree in need of removal, never do it yourself. Our tree surgeons will initially check that the species isn’t protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). Once we’re satisfied the tree can be cut down, we undertake the job using directional felling on clear land or sectional dismantling when surrounding properties or the public could be at risk.


Tree felling is a difficult and dangerous job and must be carried out by professionals. Our tree surgeons also perform stump grinding processes to eliminate roots and remnants.


Hedge Cutting from Experienced Landscapers in Epsom


Even though we’re predominantly known for tree surgery, a large percentage of the work we do is formed around landscaping and hedge cutting. Our landscapers undertake high-specification projects which add kerb appeal to any Epsom and Surrey property. From decking and fencing construction to the building of sheds and patios, our hard and soft landscaping services rate amongst the best in the county.

Our RHS trained designer can provide Epsom customers with an amazing view of the future with studious planning which our landscapers adhere to when carrying out the project.


Hedge cutting is a job people either love or hate. Our tree surgeons and landscapers cater for those who would like to be spending their time on something they’d rather be doing. Maybe you’re at point in your life where you’re not as active as you once was, but would still like to see tidy, neat hedges when looking out of your window or sit in the garden? We can provide the tree surgery and landscaping services to make this possible.


Call 0345 257 0688 to arrange an appointment for hedge cutting, tree surgery or stump grinding in Epsom. Our tree surgeons and landscapers are fully trained and insured.