Ethical and Responsible Tree Surgery in Guildford

Roots and Shoots use environmentally-sound practices during every aspect of our work in Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area. Whether you need us to undertake a tree felling, stump grinding, landscaping or hedge cutting job, our tree surgeons and landscapers take every precaution possible to recycle waste and to enforce to our own eco-friendly policy.


Companies like our own are at the forefront of carbon emission reduction. Take the machinery we use for tree felling, stump grinding and hedge cutting as an example. Roots and Shoots insist on the use of biodegradable oils wherever possible to lower our environmental impact and to preserve the welfare of surrounding ecosystems.


Our landscapers and tree surgeons work closely with customers in Guildford so that they can have a positive impact on the environment too. Green waste is an everyday by-product of hobbyist gardening as well as in the fields of professional tree surgery, landscaping and stump grinding. We make sure that remnants from hedge cutting, crown reductions and all other forms of landscaping and tree surgery work are fully and ethically recycled.


Recycling Green Waste in Guildford


Woodchip – Woodchip is derived from branches and tree trunks, which are processed through a wood chipper machine. The resulting woodchip mulch can be used by our landscapers and tree surgeons around your Guildford garden or kept for your own gardening work. Woodchip is perfect as plant and pathway bedding to stop weed growth.


Woodchip and mulch can also be used to great effect as a fuel for wood burning stoves.


Seasoned Logs – After a tree has been felled by our tree surgeons, we cut the wood into logs and season them for a year at our yard near Guildford to sell on as fuel for fires and wood burning stoves. Occasionally, our landscapers use wood derived from our tree surgery work to create decking or outdoor furniture. We take great care to make sure every part of a felled tree is recycled and used to benefit the environment.


Other Green Waste – Hedge cutting trimmings, leaves and green landscaping waste are sometimes collected and recycled in a different way. After waste has been gathered together and removed from your Guildford property, it is shredded, pulped and sent out to power stations where it is subsequently used as an energy-saving biomass.


Stump Grinding Waste


Tree surgeons use stump grinding to remove tree trunk remnants with portable cutting machinery. The resulting mulch attained from this type of tree surgery work can be used as a biodegradable product that not only encourages plant growth, but which also stops weeds from penetrating the surfaces of different areas in your garden or woodland.


We find that most of our customers in Guildford use mulch to spread around flower beds and along pathways to add aesthetic style to outdoor space. Our landscapers use our own stump grinding mulch on projects in the Guildford area, and rely heavily on the recycling skills of our fully-qualified tree surgeons to do so.


Roots and Shoots take immense pride in the delivery of environmentally-friendly tree surgery services which preserve the planet for our future generations.


Find out more about our landscapers, tree surgeons and the environmental practices they use on Guildford projects by calling 01932 500745.