Domestic Stump Grinding in Woking

If there’s a tree stump at your Woking property that’s unsightly or presenting a health hazard, call Roots and Shoots for practical help and advice. Stump grinding is a process where tree surgeons remove stumps of felled trees safely without damaging gardens or woodland. Alongside hedge cutting and maintenance work carried out by our landscapers, stump grinding is one of the most common tree surgery jobs undertaken by our team.


If you’ve recently moved into a home in Woking and there’s a tree stump creating an eyesore or a tripping hazard, call Roots and Shoots for a responsive stump grinding service. We’ll provide a competitive quotation and arrange a time and date for our tree surgeons to remove remnants. This will leave your garden or land primed for further work.


For a full quotation which could save you money, feel free to ask about prices for hedge cutting and our supporting tree surgery and landscaping services while we’re with you.


One of the major reasons we recommend stump grinding is because the roots of a felled tree can continue growing to cause damage from beneath the ground. The last thing you’ll need, particularly after the expense of a move to a new home, is the added cost of landscapers having to install a new patio, lay turfing or erect fencing because tree roots have pushed up through the surface and caused damage to your Woking property.


How Does the Stump Grinding Process Work?


Tree surgeons use a special machine adaptable to most tree stump sizes. When working on projects in Woking or surrounding areas, we start the stump grinding process by reducing remnants up to 300mm below the ground with razor sharp cutters. The effectiveness of these cutters will reduce the stump to mulch, which has a number of organic uses.


This type of tree surgery is also effective in stopping the spread of any bacteria your original tree may have harboured. Once stump grinding is complete, the root growth is nullified and what’s left below the ground naturally withers away. We can remove the remaining mulch or leave it with you for spreading around plants to stop weed growth.


Mulch is a natural product and a recycled resource. Every aspect of our tree surgery work is carefully considered and planned to benefit the environment. If you require tree surgeons to undertake stump grinding at your Woking property, call for a free quotation today. We can also provide you with other tree surgery and landscaping services, including hedge cutting, formative pruning and turfing, at prices which are surprisingly affordable.


If tree roots have caused damage to your outdoor space, our landscapers will assess any issues and provide a practical solution. Roots and Shoots are experienced and fully qualified in all aspects of tree surgery and landscaping. Get the best from your Woking property now with an ethical, responsible service built on many years of combined industry experience.


Call Roots and Shoots on 01483 491201 for competitively-priced stump grinding and hedge cutting services in Woking and the surrounding areas.